#1 Am I the only one with this feeling? von spadekevin 20.07.2018 11:52


I started playing 4-player Love Letter games here a few days ago and tried to win just like in the physical game.
But some people would attack me even though I was 3rd! I soon realized they were securing their 2nd place rather than trying to end up 1st, just so they get ELO points. Legit, I thought.
But now attacking the 1st player feels stupid cause in the meantime the others are attacking you to secure a 2nd place! So everyone ends up attacking the player ranked the same or right below. And there is no teaming up against the 1st.

It feels like a completely different game, which could be ok except it's nowhere as fun of the physical game.
Am I the only one with this feeling? Is my logic wrong? I'm definitely overthinking this.
Please help.

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Thank you.

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