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In the children's eyes, long hair, look Juanxiu intelligent Zhao Wenjing teachers like their intimate big sister, they will give Gesanchawu Zhao call Authentic Cole Hamels Jersey , send text chat, ask her painterly questions; many children lack the material to do it manually,, it will call directly to Zhao,parajumpers Soldes, let her in class when a little over. Zhao Wenjing and when these kids, by always tell their stories, to let them know that through hard work and is able to rediscover their faith, especially when Zhao Wenjing see Shifang City Ying Hua Zhenren village five groups Chen Yongning this 7-year-old strong boy reminded her past self.

Zhao Wenjing said: "Chen Yongning is 15 to study painting baby

The youngest baby, I saw he was particularly cordial. "Chen Yongning in the day of the earthquake collapsed walls Zacheng was seriously injured Authentic Adrian Beltre Jersey , cerebellar damage, has partially lost the ability to act and language,, Zhao particularly loved him. Zhao Wenjing introduced, although Chen Yongning youngest, but he is very brave, cute, happy "Every day I gave him the layout of the job he is to complete the water splashed and oil pastel painting of his day regarded as the happiest thing in painting, massage and even go to the hospital did not forget painting. "Zhao said Chen Yongning very sensitive to color, and strong ability to imitate Authentic Rougned Odor Jersey , head inside to think what could draw out a good way of expression," the boy's eyes seemed to always see color. "

Once closed Qing Jingwen: painting on canvas shoes full of "LOVE"

Dongqi Middle School Qing Zhao Wenjing Jingwen be most concerned about and worried about a student. Before the earthquake, the versatile 17-year-old beautiful girl, after the earthquake, Qing Jingwen not only his right leg amputated left leg muscle injury, but also hurt the soul: Qing Jingwen beginning to come to help people who are excluded, her Tong Jun classmate,, Juan Cole, willow Authentic Nolan Ryan Jersey , have already returned to school, and she now has a person to stay at home.

Zhao Wenjing said: When "March 3, the first time I saw her in the town of Mianzhu even Yongping village two groups of Qing Jingwen home, her heart has been hiding from strangers exchange, she did not want others to take pictures later I went to see her every Friday, she gradually eliminate the gap for me. "

Let Zhao Wenjing memorable is his first pair of white canvas shoes to get her in the above painting, the Jing Qing

Wen particularly pleased,, also opened his heart to her,http: joyful2208 ?mode=res&no=2186 Authentic Ivan Rodriguez Jersey , she told Zhao: "I was wearing when the earthquake this pair of shoes, my favorite canvas shoes." Qing Jingwen Later on five pairs of canvas shoes are painted over their dreams , above a cartoon villain of various colors and the English word "lOVE" (love). Zhao Wenjing said that by doing some painting and handicrafts, now Qing Jingwen gradually recover their lost confidence, "If the con. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys Online Cheap NFL Throwback Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys

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